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Tesla Fahrzeuge erfreuen sich großer Beliebtheit. Besonders in den letzten Jahren haben die E-Autos auf den Straßen enorm zugenommen. Das ist vor allem damit zu begründen, dass die Umwelt bekannterweise unter den Kraftstoffausstößen der herkömmlichen Fahrzeuge leidet. Zudem ist nicht klar, wie lange wir diese noch auf unseren Straßen sehen, da die Gesetze dazu stetig verschärft werden. Daher entscheiden sich viele für den Umstieg auf das E-Auto.

With Tesla as the leading manufacturer in this area, it is particularly popular because the vehicles are real eye-catchers. They make you feel like you're already living in the future and offer much more than just being able to drive. If you decide to buy a Tesla, you are not just buying a car, but a real all-rounder.

The car manufacturer's Model 3 is particularly popular. We'll tell you what makes this model so special and also tell you which Tesla Model 3 accessories we offer.

That's what makes the Model 3 so special

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car in the world. With its chic design, it beats its competitors by far. It has been produced since 2017 and has also been available in Switzerland since 2019. Since then, it has been at least in the top 3 of the most popular e-vehicles. With this car, Elon Musk wanted to reach the masses and also turn “normal earners” into Tesla drivers.

This is exactly what makes the Model 3 so special. As the manufacturer's cheapest vehicle, it appeals to a much larger target group. It also impresses with its powerful acceleration, the long range of at least 400 km and the quick charge function.

To upgrade the Tesla even further and add a display, for example, you can order the necessary accessories from e-car-shop.I buy. With us you are guaranteed to find the right Tesla Model 3 accessories.

The two different versions

Tesla's Model 3 has existed since 2016 and has been in production since 2017. However, since 2021 there has been a revised version of the vehicle. The two versions differ from each other in a few points and we will explain below what they are.

Essentially it is the same vehicle. However, some adjustments have been made.

  • The door handles and window frames were chrome in the first Model 3, in the new version they are black.
  • In addition, the center console in the interior is now made of matt black plastic, on which fingerprints can no longer be seen.
  • The latest version of the center console also has an inductive charging mat on which two smartphones can be charged.
  • Another noteworthy change is the heat pump, which has been installed in the Tesla Model 3 since 2021.
  • The range and acceleration have also been slightly improved.

There are many other little things that have been improved on the Tesla Model 3 facelift compared to the previous models.

Practical Tesla Model 3 accessories for personal comfort

In order to adapt your own vehicle even better to your personal needs, you can buy Tesla Model 3 accessories from us. This is very diverse - from the floor mat to the gaming controller, which you can connect to the Tesla and play games. For many, the Tesla is far more than just a vehicle. Because of the waiting times that can result from charging, it pays to make the vehicle as comfortable as possible.

For example, it is advisable to get a table for the vehicle. This is multifunctional and is attached to the steering wheel. The table makes it possible, for example, to eat or place a laptop on it. Furthermore, neck pillows for car seats are recommended to increase comfort in the vehicle.

With the Tesla Model 3 accessories from our shop, you can not only visually enhance your vehicle, but also expand its functions and thus make the time you spend in it as pleasant as possible.

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At e-car you will find Tesla Model 3 accessories, as well as accessories for models such as S, X and Y. In addition, some items from our accessories can also be used in other vehicles, such as the BMW i3.

The Tesla Model 3 accessories that you will find here are not only for the visual enhancement of the vehicle, but should help you to adapt the vehicle even more individually to you. The certain accessories give the vehicle its own personal charm.