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Tesla Fahrzeuge erfreuen sich seit Ihrer Präsenz auf dem Automarkt grosser Beliebtheit. Als der Autohersteller, welcher die meisten E-Autos verkauft, hat er sich einen gewissen Ruf über die letzten Jahre aufgebaut.

Tesla - many people associate that with luxury and a unique driving experience. But the vehicles are characterized by more than that. They are emission-free due to their electric operation instead of fuel and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

There are waiting times due to the interim charging, but these can be easily bridged by the many different functions of the vehicle. For example, Teslas are equipped with high-resolution displays and offer the user the opportunity to watch these films and series and play games. All of this makes Tesla much more than just a car.

In our shop you will find various Tesla Model X accessories to adapt your Tesla even better to you and your personal needs. We have a wide range of accessories, from floor mats to projectors for the doors of the vehicle.

This is the Tesla Model X

The Model X is an SUV produced by Tesla that has all-wheel drive. The rear doors open upwards for easy boarding. The vehicle can transport up to seven people and impresses with a range of around 550 km. The regular Model X reaches a peak power of 670 hp, the latest Model X "Plaid" even reaches a full 1020 hp. The interior is ultra-modern and, thanks to the large panoramic windscreen, is more reminiscent of the cockpit of an airplane or a futuristic spaceship.

The Tesla SUV enables particularly smooth driving, regardless of whether it is heavily loaded or not. Thanks to the practical quick charge function, the Model X charges enough battery for a range of almost 120 km in five minutes.

From the controller to the sleeping mattress - practical Tesla Model X accessories

The Tesla Model X is a popular SUV with high-quality equipment. Due to its electrical operation, it is particularly powerful and achieves 670 hp, in the new edition even a full 1020 hp. The vehicle is already practically equipped as standard, but there are a number of options for making the interior even more personal.

Tesla Model X accessories allow you to customize your vehicle. For example, if you often travel for work, the practical cup holder is ideal for your morning coffee. With the table, which is mounted on the steering wheel, you can work on your laptop or eat at this table while you're on the go. The neck pillow for the seat increases comfort and ensures a healthy posture, even on long car journeys.

You want to stay at the Tesla? This is not a problem with the sleeping mattress from our shop. With the associated air pump, it is inflated in no time at all and fits perfectly in the rear area of ​​your vehicle. Entertainment is also not neglected in the Tesla. With the accompanying controller, you can play many different games in the Model X and make waiting times pleasant.

So you can see that with various small additions you can make the Tesla Model X an even more practical vehicle. In this way, you can optimally adapt to your needs.

Visual enhancement with our Tesla Model X accessories

Tesla Model X accessories are not just there to improve the interior on a practical level. We also offer you many products that change the look of the vehicle. For example, the projectors that are attached to the doors and emit the Tesla logo are real eye-catchers. The colored valve caps, which you can find in our shop, also look good. Although it is only a question of changing small details, you still personalize the vehicle in this way.

In order to be able to charge the vehicle in your garage at home, we also have the right Tesla Model X accessories for you. With the practical wall brackets and charging cables, you can optimize your in-house charging station.

Accessories for Tesla Model X and other models at

At e-car you will find the right Tesla Model X accessories. But not only that: we also offer accessories for other Tesla models such as Model S or Model 3. With the right accessories, you can turn your Tesla into a personal place of well-being and make long driving and waiting times nicer.

Some of our accessory products can also be used for other vehicles. Order today and customize your car to your personal needs.